Abundance Ritual Bath Salts by The Spiritual Toolbox

Abundance Ritual Bath Salts by The Spiritual Toolbox

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A ritual bath is a bath with intention, to mindfully cleanse your auric field, lift your vibration and remove energetic debris, whilst attracting the desired energy like a magnet to your auric field.

Abundance - Helps to clear energetic blockages surrounding money, luck, opportunities and material + financial growth.

A ritual bath is a RITUAL you're partaking in, so make sure the bath itself is super clean. Give it a good rinse first. Rinse yourself off too in the shower.

Run your bath water, and add your salts. Turn of all distractions (aka your phone), and soak for 30-40 minutes.
As you're in the bath, concentrate on your intention to cleanse your auric field, your chakras, your emotional self, your mental self, your physical self and your spiritual self. Clear your mind of your worries, any unwelcome thoughts and negativity.
When you're ready, carefully get out of the bath and reorient yourself to the world around you. Drink a glass of water and slowly return to your day.
Ritual baths are powerful forms of cleansing. I'd recommend not doing this more than once a week unless you're under heavy spiritual attack.
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