Grief Bracelets

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These Grief bracelets are designed with the intention to help with the grief with the loss of a loved one.

The bracelet has 

💜Amethyst- Calming and aids with clearing negativity. Also aids in hightening intuition.

💖Rose Quartz- A loving and supportive energy that aids with comfort and supporting reassurance with  dealing with the loss of a loved one.

🤎Smokey Quartz- Aids in grounding your energy and helps with the making of logical choices.

💚Amazonite- Helps you to speak your heart and be true to yourself. It helps to boost your self confidence along with building your courage and promotes universal love.

💝Pink Opal- Brings love into your life, Aids in gentle nurturing and increases your hope and encouragement.

🤍Clear Quartz- Clear Quartz is known as the the universal stone. It amplifies energy and the energy of crystals. It is best for healing of emotional trauma and also is known as the “Master Healing Crystal”.