“PRE ORDER”- Museum Grade Smokey Amethyst Enhydro Generator with custom stand 3.17kg

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Smokey Amethyst Quartz is an extremely useful combination for soul healing and protection. Smokey Amethyst assists in contacting the highest possible spiritual energies and then grounds that spiritual energy into the body. This is the perfect stone for clearing entities', unwanted influences or attachments' of any kind, especially when held at the third eye, as the Smokey Quartz heals and seals the biomagnetic sheath' and calls in beneficial influences to protect the soul once the spirit has been sent to the light by the Amethyst.

Protecting against psychic attack', inappropriate prayers or thought forms' and guarding against alien invasion, Smokey Amethyst repels negative energy, calling in positive vibrations.

Emotionally, by contacting guides and angelic helpers, this stone assists disconnection between those who have previously made a mystic marriage and are still intertwined at the higher spiritual chakras.

Physically, Smoky Amethyst amplifies and directs sound healing, creating a two-way flow of energy. The combination is beneficial for a wide range of conditions.

The healing properties of Smokey Quartz and Amethyst, but works effectively at the soul and subtle levels. It supports the endocrine system and hormone production; helps the metabolism, the cleansing and eliminating organs, the assimilation of minerals, the re-absorption of water and fluid regulation and the digestive tract, regulating flora and parasite removal; aids the immune system and reproductive system; helps the heart, lungs, respiratory tract, abdomen, back, hips, legs, skin, muscle, nerves, nerve tissue, cellular disorders, hearing disorders; boosts libido and concentration; benefits pain-relief and helps cramp, headaches, bruises, swellings, burns and other injuries, insomnia, nightmares, fear, depression, stress and geopathic stress'; guards against X-ray exposure.


Smokey Amethyst Meaning and Metaphysical Abilities:

  • A combination of both Smokey Quartz and Amethyst
  • Assists in contacting spiritual energies
  • Grounds positive energy into its keepers’ body
  • Perfect for clearing unwanted attachments and negative energies
  • Protects against psychic attack
  • Absorbs and transmutes negative energies
  • Aids those who are suffering the side effects of strong medication
  • Known to promote healthy sleep patterns and reduce stress
  • Said to alleviate nightmares


(H): 27.7cm

(W): 10.3cm

(Weight): 3.17kg