Medium 7 Chakra Candles

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🌈Medium Chakra Candle Sets are here🌈

I use these candles in my readings and reiki sessions.

Each candle is coloured and fragranced to alight for the particular chakra. They also have the added bonus of having crystals to amplify its energies.

They will be $175 for a set of 7 candles.

🌈The below descriptions🌈

Set of 7 Chakra votives

CROWN - Sandalwood Vanilla / Light purple/ clear quartz

THIRD EYE- Frankincense / Dark Purple/ Amethyst

THROAT- Vanilla / Blue / lapis lazuli

HEART - Eucalyptus & Pepermint / Green / adventurine & rose quartz

SOLAR- Grapefruit & Lime/ Yellow/ citrine

SACRAL- Tangerine / orange / carnelian

BASE/ROOT - Cinnamon Vanilla / Red / red jasper

Medium jars approx 35-40hr burn time each.