Sexual Libido Amplification Crystal Kit

Sexual Libido Amplification Crystal Kit

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The Sexual Libido Amplification Crystal kit is designed to increase your sexual libido and align and amplify those energies in both Male and Female. It’s best to keeps these regularly cleansed and recharged beside your bed.

(Selenite Plate Not Included in kit) 

Included in the kit is:

🧡Orange Calcite Tumbler- Women trying to become pregnant should carry a piece of Orange Calcite with them. Not only does this stone unlock your sexual energy, but it's also been known to increase fertility. If one decides to meditate with this stone for sexual reasons, we suggest placing it around your groin area.

💖Rose Quartz Tumbler- Rose Quartz is always ready to fill your cup with love. For those who struggle to give themselves to love and intimacy, Rose Quartz makes sure that your heart is cleansed and clear and ready to receive love and give trust.

🤍Clear Quartz Tumbler- Bringing the body into balance and clearing your heart, head, and soul, there are so many ways in which this master healer can clean up your life. For those who want to bring more energetic grace to their life, Clear Quartz helps you get clear in your desires and keeps your chakra and aura crystal clear too.

❤️Garnet Chips- The master tantric stone is pure passion but not in a quick and greedy way. This gem is all about going slow, connecting to your dharma, digging deeper, and using your sexual energy as a creative force.

🌈Rainbow Fluorite Tumbler- Increases your energy so you will “Up” and ready to go.

🔥Carnelian Tumbler- Carnelian is perfect att igniting those lower chakras which can be the perfect remedy for rousing your sexual energy. This is where your creativity, joy, and passion sit and when these chakras are aligned those traits can freely flow.

❤️🐯👁Red Tigers Eye Tumbler- The Tigers Eye energy is actually perfect for balancing out your sexual powers. If you want to shift from submissive energy into ownership, then this stone is for you. Tigers Eye helps you to feel empowered and protected.

🚨Red Jasper Tumbler- Increases virality and prolongs sexual excitement, for those who feel like their intimacy needs a good stir, Red Jasper is here to activate those lower chakras and encourage longer lasting fun in the sack.